Horse With Chronic Colic Feels Better!

Posted by Michael Peterson on

Blue spent well over a year in misery. Two vets plus a holistic vet saw him. Our last plan was to take him to MSU for a scope.

Every morning, Blue would be laying down in the pasture. It got to the point that he would nicker to me hoping for a dose of Banamine. I ran across the ad for GastroElm during my endless internet searches for information on chronic colic. After reading reviews, I ordered a bag. I admit I wasn’t expecting much, but I was at the point of considering euthanasia. Blue’s misery was causing me as much distress, seeing my pet in pain day after day.

Well. I could not believe it. I started out with a tablespoon twice a day in his feed and the improvement was immediate.

I admit, once in a while I would run out & wonder if he is “cured” (we presume he has ulcers even though he is a pasture pet and only occasionally ridden in the fall), but the colic comes back without GastroElm. Blue is pain free on one tablespoon at night.

Your product gave me my buddy back and saved his life!

Gale R.

GastroElm Plus has helped thousands of horses with colic, ulcers and other problems since 2013. If you have a horse that isn’t behaving the way it used to, take a minute to learn more about it!

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