GastroElm Plus Helps Older Dogs With Gut Issues

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Lucy is my 13 year old Mini Australian Shepherd.  We started using GastroElm Plus a few years ago to help her gut recover from antibiotics.  Our nutritionist loved how helped her, and recommended she stay on it to keep her gut healthy and relieve the stress of the issues she has.  Even our vets love that she’s on it, and the techs often ask me about it.

Lucy is a very active dog, and some of that fun activity can cause her gut to be upset, maybe from too many good treats? 😉  I no longer need to worry, as it’s in both her meals daily.  If she is having a tough time, she just gets a small spoonful to help her get through the tough spot. 

This has made her life fun again since she no longer has to deal with daily gut issues.


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Lisa Kirschner

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