Dog With Pancreatitis Doing Better With GastroElm Plus

Posted by Michael Peterson on

Dog with pancreatitis

This is Grayson! He has been on Gastro Elm for over a year and it literally saves his life! He was diagnosed with pancreatitis in January of 2021 and despite all the meds he was given he still could not gain weight, thrive, and make it through the night without vomiting!

Then my hubby discovered Gastro Elm and our boy made a miraculous turnaround! We cannot brag enough about this wonderful product and always are recommending it to others!

Thank you Gastro Elm!

Leigh R.

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  • My boy has been in Er hospital 7times at 6-7 thousand each stay. He would be near death. I read about this gastroelm plus’s.bought it and for two years it has kept him out of the hospital. It’s truly been a miracle for us. Please don’t hesitate to us this product.i will never ever be without it.great for cats too.

    Sherry Salyers on

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