GastroElm Plus For Dogs

GastroElm Plus has helped thousands of Dogs with Pancreatitis, IBD and serious digestive disorders since 2013!

GastroElm Plus was originally formulated to manage pancreatitis symptoms and other digestive disorders in dogs.  Since each big bag contains more than 90 doses (for large animals), it is extremely cost effective compared to prescription based alternatives, at less than 25 cents per dose. It’s even more cost effective for animals under 20 pounds as it's less than 50 cents per week!

If your animal has a sensitive stomach or is a finicky eater, GastroElm Plus is the perfect solution to avoid future vet bills. It’s also great for dogs who tend to get into things that they shouldn’t be eating. Simply give them a dose whenever stomach upset arises.

It's manufactured in the USA (Fargo, ND) using a proprietary blend of high quality human grade Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder added to the finest Appalachian wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark Powder.  

It forms a smooth gel that acts almost like an internal bandage when mixed with water or broth. It coats and soothes the stomach and digestive tract to help the animal feel better very quickly.

Slippery Elm (which makes up 77% of the blend) soothes and lubricates the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract. That makes it an excellent treatment for ulcers, gastritis, colitis and other inflammatory bowel problems. It’s high in fiber, which helps normalize intestinal action. This means it can be used to relieve both diarrhea and constipation. Our slippery elm powder is specially ground to easily mix into a smooth gel instead of being clumpy, so it’s easy to use with an oral syringe if necessary.

Milk Thistle Seed is supportive to the liver and other vital organs to aid in long term health. Since it is a powerful liver cleanser, it helps rebuild liver cells while removing toxins from the body that are processed through the liver. Milk thistle is effective at naturally reversing the harmful effects of pesticides in the environment and the food supply, heavy metals in the water supply, pollution in the air that we breathe and even poisons!

Marshmallow Root helps restore integrity of the gut lining by forming a protective layer around small junctions (avoiding leaky gut). In addition, it is being studied for it's beneficial effects on inflammatory bowel diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Dandelion Root has many nourishing and healing properties for the digestive tract. Additionally, the antioxidants in dandelion root have been shown to be supportive to the liver as well. It also possesses antimicrobial properties that can help stop the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

All four herbs work in conjunction with one another in a way that has proven to be most beneficial.*

What Others Are Saying:

Yorkie with Pancreatitis
This is my Ellie. She is four years old. About a year and a half ago, she was suffering with what was likely pancreatitis. She refused to eat and vomited every day.

At work, one of our volunteers who I had just met told me to get GastroElm Plus for Ellie. I ordered it right away, added it to her food, and she has not been sick since. I am so thankful for GastroElm and for the woman who told me about it!

I tell everyone who will listen!!

Jill S.


American Eskimo with IBD helped by GastroElm Plus

Six years ago our Quinn was diagnosed with IBD. We almost lost him before he was a year old because nothing the internal medicine specialists were doing was working, he would not eat and was starving to death.

We tried adding Gastro Elm to other medications he was taking, and within a week he was eating. Quinn is now 6 years old, thriving, and still taking Gastro Elm. Quinn is pictured below running AKC Fast CAT and is currently ranked as the number 6 fastest American Eskimo Dog in the US.

Susan H.


Beanie Feels Better With GastroElm Plus!


I just want to let you know that this product has saved her life. I was so afraid to incorporate it into her diet as she was so sensitive but I am beyond grateful that I did (with your convincing of course!)  She is a completely different dog, pain free, energetic, and healthy. I honestly cannot believe what this product has done for us. I will recommend this product everyday for the rest of my life and I plan on calling my local vets and informing them on this!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You have changed our lives.

Chelsie & Beanie


Pitbull with leaky gut & IBD

Cécile suffered from bouts of digestive woe (vomiting, diarrhea, and acid reflux) for years, leading to a diagnosis of leaky gut and Irritable Bowel Disease. Our veterinarian recommended using slippery elm to help heal her. After doing some research, we found GastroElm Plus, and we have been so pleased with the results.  We actually use it with all of our dogs (Standard Poodles) and recommend it to clients.


Yorkie with pancreatitis

My baby Belle was diagnosed with beginning stages of pancreatitis about two years ago. Right away I did my research and ran into GastroElm Plus, bought it and she has had very few episodes after that. I give it to her twice a day in her food.

I always recommend it to people who have fur babies are going through the same problem.  Thank you GastroElm! 😊


Cocker Spaniel with pancreatitis

This is Grayson! He has been on GastroElm Plus for over a year and it literally saved his life!

He was diagnosed with pancreatitis in January of 2021 and despite all the meds he was given he still could not gain weight, thrive, and make it through the night without vomiting!

Then my hubby discovered GastroElm Plus and our boy made a miraculous turnaround! We cannot brag enough about this wonderful product and always are recommending it to others!

Thank you Gastro Elm!

Leigh R.


This is Louie. After he turned 10 he started with frequent and intermittent loose stools and vomiting. The vets were stumped as he was a very healthy dog and all tests proved negative. He was on a home-made diet so ingredients were known.

A friend posted that her dog was having similar issues and started using GastroElm Plus with good results. I ordered a bag and his loose stool and vomiting went away.

Francis K.

Pug with Pancreatitis & High Liver Enzymes

Just an update on our Pug, Moe.  Two years ago I stated on this site that GastroElm Plus saved his life.  Well he went for his annual checkup yesterday and all his blood work shows normal liver levels, which our Vet said for his age and history are fantastic. He said liver levels rarely improve to normal after both pancreatitis and jaundice.  We credit GastroElm Plus.  Without it we believe he would have not survived.

Brian B.


GastroElm Plus has literally saved Bear from pancreatitis and the occasional upset belly! Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!

It’s my go to every time!!

Peggy C.

This is Ruby and GastroElm Plus has helped her so much.  She used to throw up everyday.  With some diet changes and using GastroElm Plus every day it rarely happens anymore.

Penny G.

GastroElm Plus Is Available In Two Sizes

The Big Bag for $43.95 makes 90 batches for a horse or large dog and up to a two year supply for small animals! (49 cents per batch)

The Small Bag for $29.95 makes 50 batches for a horse or large dog and approximately a one year supply for animals under 20 pounds. (60 cents per batch)

*A Batch is 1 tablespoon of powder mixed with 3-4 ounces of water. It is a one day supply for a large dog (over 100 pounds), one serving for a horse and a one week supply for animals under 20 pounds.

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GastroElm Plus Big Bag

90 Batches – $43.95
49 cents per dose
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GastroElm Plus Small Bag

50 Batches – $29.95
60 cents per dose


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