GastroElm Plus Saved My Horse!

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Both of my horses receive gastro elm, but gastroelm saved my horse on the left.

Kramer developed a severe eye infection and during the treatment had a reaction to the medications. The colitis then caused colic which was a worst case scenario. After all what do you give a horse that colics FROM banamine?  He was in the hospital on IV fluids with horrible loose stools. We were told that there was nothing else they could do since drugs caused the problem in the first place.

We brought GastroElm Plus and aloe from home and started giving it to him. The vets could not believe how quickly he was recovering. A week later he had his eye removed. This picture was taken 10 days after his eye was removed and he had a great show and won the western pleasure.

Gastroelm saved his life!!!

 Cindy V.


GastroElm Plus is great for horses who suffer from digestive issues such as Colic or Ulcers.  Click here to learn more!


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